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February 04 2018


i think the weirdest thing is having left over information about someone. like i still know someone’s favorite girl name. or their favorite season. or someone’s address. i remember someone’s favorite ice cream flavors. and someone’s favorite childhood book. and the mental disorder their uncle has. i remember the ages and birthdays of their siblings. i remember the song they said they’d sing to their spouse. where do i put this down? where do i learn to forget?

February 02 2018

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no offense but I’ve never gotten over anything that’s happened to me in my life

February 01 2018

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The Alvarez family supporting each other

January 31 2018

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Remember me, though I have to say goodbye. Remember me, don’t let it make you cry. For even if I’m far away, I hold you in my heart. I sing a secret song to you, each night we are apart. Remember me, though I have to travel far. Remember me, each time you hear a sad guitar. Know that I’m with you, the only way that I can be. Until you’re in my arms again, remember me…

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The days of sleeping separately are long gone 💕 28/365 days of caskett
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January 18 2018

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ouat meme: [1/10] characters 

↳ regina mills 

I’m a queen and a bit more refined

January 16 2018

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Maybe somewhere, in a different time, in a different place, in a different world, you were alive, you were with me, you loved me and we were happy.

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The way her whole body just gives in to him

This is so hypnotizing

January 15 2018

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Dan Radcliffe addresses ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Johnny Depp controversy: ‘Harry Potter’ kicked someone out for weed

Harry Potter star Dan Radcliffe has issued some criticisms against Warner Brothers and the film’s production team for continuing to employ Johnny Depp despite the allegations made against the Grindelwald actor.

I suppose the thing I was struck by was, we did have a guy who was reprimanded for weed on the [original Potter] film, essentially, so obviously what Johnny has been accused of is much greater than that.”

me @ danrad

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Will they tell your story?

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Chris, David, Matt, and Peter talking about Jodie.

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January 14 2018

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what the signs need to hear


aries: it’s absolutely okay to let people in. it’s scary, but once you do it, a whole world opens up. nobody is going to love you less for having weak moments or for letting them know when you’re down. if anything, they’re going to love you more. it’s going to set you free from everything you’ve always held in. give people the gift of knowing you. you’ll feel closer to them in the end.

taurus: do not shut yourself away. people want to know when you need their help. you don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders all by yourself. you don’t need to feel sad all the time and not reach out for help when you really need it. you’re not bothering anyone, you’re not a burden.

gemini: the people who are meant to love you won’t have to be fought for. i know how badly you want to love and be loved in return. you yearn for that closeness, but sometimes, you just try too hard for people who really don’t deserve you. be yourself, the right people will come along.

cancer: not everyone is going to leave. i know you have the biggest heart, and you’re so scared that you’ll never find people who want to stick around. but the best things come around when you’re not trying to force anything. people want to stay, just loosen your grip, let the anxiety go, you don’t have to cling on. they will stay regardless.

leo: it’s okay to not have everything figured out. life is scary and you’re so hard on yourself. you’re always trying to be perfect and to know what the next step is. but the beauty of life is that we don’t know, and we don’t have to know. we just have to live it and not be so caught up in what may happen next.

virgo: you’re perfect the way you are. you don’t need to change yourself to make people love you. don’t forget your values and what makes you, you. you can be weird, loud, sarcastic. it doesn’t matter what anyone says about any of it. don’t try to be something you’re not. the right people will love you for who you are.

libra: don’t harden. i know how hard it is when all these people have come around and hurt you, but don’t lose yourself. the world can be mean and scary and down right hurtful, but don’t become what you hate. you have strength in your softness. 

scorpio: stop loving people who don’t deserve it. all they do is hurt you and give you anxiety. stop letting them come in and treat you like you’re less than you are. you’re a galaxy, a whole universe. you will never deserve to be only half loved.

sagittarius: having a big heart is not a weakness. you may get frustrated, because you do so much for people and you feel as if it never gets returned. but, the fact that there still are people like you in the world, it gives others hope. it comes so naturally to you, and it’s a beautiful thing to see. it’s easy to think that it’s a weakness, but it is most certainly the strongest attribute a person could have.

capricorn: be loud. speak your opinion. don’t hold back. people may be critical because you tend to be blunt sometimes, but do not let them shrink you. be louder, more brave, more blunt. people act as if it’s horrible to have any opinion these days, but it’s people like you who speak their mind, you make the world better. 

aquarius: not everything is what it seems. you have to be willing to get to know people, to put yourself out there, to give everything a fair chance. you can’t hold yourself back and be cautious of everyone and everything that wants to get close to you. open your heart up.

pisces: being lost means being found. life takes you through many twists and turns, it confuses you and makes you wonder if there is a point. oh, but there is. there’s a reason life chooses the strongest people to go through the worst of it. and if you just keep going, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel that everyone talks about.

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